That feeling of content, deep within, when you meet someone after long time and envisage that the mad streak has not yet vanished.

Finally I got a chance to collab with @Sachiiiiin. An amazing artist I would say. His edit totally transformed a boring pic of mine to this. Check out his feed right now (at Leh)

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{ from eggental to pustertal }

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Playing football at 11,600ft above Sea level for this man was never difficult. @dakumar with his heavy camera strapped around his neck played for like 20 mins with the local kids of Leh who met us in the old lanes. I think each one of us from the #instameetladakh have met these kids but it was him who mixed up with them so easily that we always wondered Language was never a barrier for Sanjeev.

Anyways, tonight’s FIFA finale. Whom are you supporting ? #GERvsARG (at Leh)


No this is not Mumbai. (It’s not that flooded as of now but it could be in few more hours)

It’s Dal Lake, Srinagar. We reached this place around 1 am midnight after a long tiring 12 hrs of Road journey on our luck. Well, I wont give all the credits to our luck but to @vickramkj who helped us from thousand miles away on a call with breaking signal providing the number of the hotel where we planned to stay for a night. Unsure of what kinda hotel it would be (houseboat or a proper building) we sprinted towards the lake. This pic was clicked at early morning just about 5 hrs later in a Shikhara ride to flower market with @amitpanchasara @dakumar @jasmeetsingh139 (at Dal Lake, Srinagar)


Grandfather: Quick kid. Go hide, your teacher is here because you skipped school today

Girl: no you go hide!, i told her that you died

#IG_ladakh14 #instameetladakh


Was trying to act like Amitabh Bacchan and said his famous dialogue from the movie Deewar at one of the religious place in Leh, those priests shoo me away as if I clicked their picture without permission.

#AajKhushTohBahutHongeTum #Hain
#IG_ladakh14 #instameetladakh (at Leh Ladakh)



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Amazing piece of art

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Enjoy The Process from Nathan Yoder.

Now that’s something to get Inspired from

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